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volunteering – citizens’ tools for roma participation

volunteering – citizens’ tools for roma participationPrint

This project aims to raise a debate about volunteering as the citizens’ key tool for Roma inclusion, and to strengthen the civic and democratic participation of particularly Roma citizens, communities and civil society organizations in European Union’s life, debates and policy-making processes. The project addresses the question how citizens can shape and lead Roma inclusion through volunteering and active citizenship in a bottom-up grassroots movement, and thus lead to a sustainable change in Europe through empowerment of citizens and communities, and strengthening intercultural dialogue. The project strengthens the engagement and participation of European citizens in the construction of values, culture, history and dialogue by embracing Roma minorities as an integral part of an inclusive European society that challenges and overcomes stereotypes, antigypsyism and racism.

10422267_10204168288875228_2609727977455062566_nThe project is based on a mutual partnership of Roma and non-Roma civil society organizations that share a common vision and understanding of empowering communities through volunteering. A European conference on volunteering for Roma Inclusion will give visibility to existing practices and raise a European debate about the conditions, opportunities and challenges of volunteering and participation in inclusion strategies; consultation meetings, seminars and a closing conference will involve citizens, organizations and stakeholders in the relevant debates. A large-scale Roma Social Forum in the European Youth Capital 2015 Cluj-Napoca will strengthen networking, debates and self-organized citizen platforms of Roma youth and volunteers. Outputs include after a one-year lasting consultation process a White Paper on Volunteering for Roma Inclusion, research findings and recommendations to policy-makers and civil society actors, an interactive online platform of citizens actions and volunteering opportunities, as well as educational training tools for organizations.

The program includes the following elements:

a. Partnership, cooperation and networkingPhiren Amenca

b. Research

c. An interactive online platform will be established that facilitates a mapping of European practices of volunteering for Roma inclusion, that promotes volunteering among citizens and civil society organizations, and provides a service tool for volunteering opportunities.

d. European conference on Volunteering for Roma Inclusion

e. Consultation Meeting on volunteering for remembrance

f. Roma Social Forum on Volunteering (So keres, Europa?!)

g. Closing conference on volunteering for dialogue and against antigypsyism

The project is financed by the European Union