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Volunteering in Roma community – reality or fiction

Open Call for participants for an International conference about volunteering within Roma communities

June 22-25, 2016. Budapest, Hungary

Number of participants: 30 (from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria,Slovenia)

The conference is recommended for: current and former volunteers, volunteer candidates, youth workers, youth leaders, project managers and activists.

Aims of the conference:

The aims of the conference to civil society organizations, volunteers, experts and stakeholders together in order to raise a European debate and to give visibility and recognition to their local engagement, in order challenging stereotypes, racism and antigypsyism. Moreover, during the 2-dyas conference we will discuss how can voluntary service be a good tool for Roma youth participation, what are the barriers for young Roma people to be part of European Mobility Programs, what is the motivation for the Roma youth and for Roma youth organizations to fight against antigypsyism.

This conference is part of a bigger project, “Community organizing – tool for Roma civic engagement”. The project comes up with incentives which will articulate the notion for community organizing as a new form of civic participation; it aims for activities involving volunteers to solve community problem which not only help to create the conditions for better and more participation and volunteering, but which also contribute significantly to active citizenship and reinforce a bottom-up grassroots movement through empowerment of citizens and communities, and strengthening our democracies and intercultural dialogue in the longer term.

In this conference, we would like to learn more from participants about volunteering and community organizing, to discuss about the situation of Roma youth in Europe, and to debate on how to increase Roma Youth Participation as such in local, national and European level.

Organizer: Phiren Amenca (Hungary) together with its partner organization, Roma Youth Centre (Macedonia)

Phiren Amenca is a network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers and voluntary service organizations creating opportunities for non-formal education, dialogue and engagement, in order to challenge stereotypes and racism.

Roma Youth Centre is a youth organization working on the empowerment of (especially Roma) young people, to become active part of the civic society and their community they live in, as they represent the voice of the new generation.

Working language: English

Venue: ALFA ART HOTEL, H-1039 Budapest, Királyok útja 205.

Dates of the activity:

Arrival: June 22, 2016. (Wednesday)

Departure: June 25, 2016. (Saturday)

Participants should organize their travel (arrival and departure) for these dates. The organizers will pick up groups from Budapest city center, from where we will travel together to Alfa Art Hotel.

Participation fee: For this activity there is NO participation fee

Reimbursement of travel costs: The accommodation and food is covered by the organizers of the conference. The reimbursements of travel expenses (based on economical prices, Apex, student price, special price) will take on the spot during the conference in Euro or by bank transfer after the activity. Participants should bring with them original invoices to prove the costs of travel as well the tickets.

Maximum amount for travel costs / country / person: 80 €

How to apply? – Please send us your application form until May 25, 2015 to Marietta Herfort at [email protected] and to Senad Sakipovski at [email protected]

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