Phiren Amenca

WALL FREE EUROPE Photo Exhibition in Budapest

wfe_03Wall Free Europe is an ERGO Network’s campaign which aims at ending Roma apartheid in Europe through visualising the existing physical and mental walls that divide Roma and non-Roma and raising awareness on Anti-Gypsyism. The campaign centres around the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The exhibition was organized in Budapest by Phiren Amenca and opened on the International Day against Racism and Xenophobia, 21 March. The place that hosted the exhibition is a cultural community space in the center of Budapest, called MÜSZI. The exhibition includes symbolic photos showcasing both physical and mental walls against Roma.The physical walls built in Europe that segregate Roma citizens from their non-Roma neighbours are presented alongside with the mental walls visualising hows tereotypes and prejudices in people’s minds become walls of discrimination and exclusion towards Roma. The exhibition also portrays people that live behind the walls, how Roma respond to those walls in their lives and try to open the dialogue.