Welcome to Planet Paprika – Garbage Dreams

On April 19, 2012 the Phiren Amenca volunteers of Planet Paprika, with Szemétálmok – Garbage Dreams visited Budapest’s 10th District to collect reclaimed art supplies and make interviews…

Garbage Dreams 01

What Exactly is Lomizo About?

by Dorota and Silvi

Thursday afternoon in Budapest. Blocks-of-flats residential area in the suburbs. This is where we are headed to talk to the lomizo – people collecting the garbage that is purposefully thrown out by the tenants. What exactly is lomizo about? On set days in specific districts of the city the citizens are allowed to get rid of the all the things that are no longer of any use to them – by literally putting them out into the street […]

Garbage Dreams 02

This is my District

by Jasper and Christine

In Hungary numerous people, mostly belong to the ethnic group of the Roma, make their living from reselling garbage. Each year, from district to district, people put out their garbage and others can come to take or buy it. This has made a living for many families, and we set out to explore this concept and to meet these people. We went to the area of Kobanya, also called the 10th district, where our journey began […]

Garbage Dreams 03

Trash Treasures for Planet Paprika

by Rachel, Kristi and Marina

Nineteen young seminar participants gathered together with the task of creating the Planet Paprika. This planet is the ideal society, the kind of world in which we hope to live. We followed the example of the lomizos, and searched for the ingredients of our planet in piles of paper, armchairs, and appliances lining the streets of Budapests’ 10th district […]