Phiren Amenca

Workshop about the Roma Holocaust in Spain

We are happy to share with you an initiative of two young Roma from Spain.

Ramon and Elisabeth took part in our series of seminars on the Roma Holocaust. Together with 40 young Roma and non-Roma form around Europe we learnt about the Holocaust and the fate of Roma in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial in Poland, in the former concentration camp of Buchenwald in Germany and in the Yad Vashem Memorial Complex in Jerusalem, Israel. The seminars were supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

The museums we visited also shared their educational approaches and methodologies with our participants, so that they can become multipliers in their own communities. And this is what Elisabeth and Ramon did: they organized a non-formal educational session on the last weekend of November 2022 for 60 young Roma form different regions of Spain about the Roma Holocaust and the seminars. Young people were very interested, and they kept asking for more information.

It is our responsibility to use the tools we have and spread knowledge, for the horrors of the Holocaust not to be forgotten and not to be repeated!