Phiren Amenca

A better NETwork for Sinti and Roma! – Training-course on digital technologies

Berlin, October 17-20. 2019.

Background of the training:

Digital technologies are reshaping society. On the one hand, racist ideologies, antigypsyism, right-wing populism and hate speech have found fertile ground in our social media landscape and are growing stronger. On the other hand, these same technologies allow for better networking, help mobilization and empowerment of minorities, for sharing experiences and organizing political power.

Objectives of the training-course are:

The training-course aims to build capacity of Roma and non-Roma educators and youth leaders and their youth organizations with regard to, their work on participation in the digital space of Sinti and Roma-youth. It strives to enable young Roma activist and scholars to utilize the potential of digital technologies and build a stronger and better network – digital and analog!

The seminar will take place in the “Educational forum against antigypsyism” in Berlin. As a part of the training-course we will visit the German parliament and the Monument for the murdered Sinti and Roma of Europe during the Nazi time. There will be opportunity to meet and network with minority representatives of YEN, Youth of European Nationalities.

For one section of our seminar we would like to invite any volunteers to speak on the issue of digitalization and its effects on the participation of (young) Sinti and Roma. These statements may address both opportunities and challenges and should be limited to five to ten minutes. If you would like to offer your perspective on these issues, please notify us while applying for the event or via email beforehand.

Participants profile:

We invite youth activists (18–35 years) in particular members of the minority of Sinti and Roma who are actively working against racism and for youth/community mobilization. Applicants should be resident of the EU28-countries (including the UK), but it is also possible to participate from non-EU European countries as well.

Venue: Berlin(Germany)
Dates: October 17-20. 2019 (including travel days), on October 17. we will start at 17 o’clock and we will end on October 20. at 11 o’clock

Application procedure:

Please send an E-Mail with your name, your date of birth, your travel-connection and let us know whether you would like to share a statement about your perspective on participation of Sinti and Roma in the digital space. It would be also interesting to know your previous knowledge. Send these information to [email protected].

Registration deadline: October 4. 2019.

Reimbursement of travel costs:

Board and accommodation for the activity is covered by the organizers of the training-course. Travel costs will be reimbursed during the activity either in cash (Euro) or via bank transfer. All accepted participants have to consult their travel plans with the organizers prior to purchasing any tickets.

The training-course is organized by RGDTS-Phiren Amenca, ternYpe International Youth Network and Educational forum against antigypsyism and funded by European Union’s Right, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).