Phiren Amenca

Call for Participants: Women+ in minorities – Roma and Jewish European Communities

A seminar between the end of April (online) to the beginning of May (Budapest)

We believe in the strength of young voices. In us shaping Europe’s future and being on the forefront of gender equality movements. The Wo-Min seminar is a space of reflection, discussion, learning and empowerment that will explore the standing of women+ within different European minorities.

What is it about? 

The seminar aims to empower you to question and to dispute your own culture while also learning from your peers’ unique background. Through growing in your confidence and knowledge, you will be part of a community that is combating ignorance and preventing racism and extremism. 

At this seminar you will be introduced to concepts of intersectionality and multiple discrimination, as well as to allyship as a tool to overcome bias. Together we will explore intercultural factors and debunk existing tensions between gender equality and minority inclusion. You will become part of us fostering a broad and diverse youth participation in civil society. You will further your geographical and ethnic sensitivity as well as be equipped with the tools to cultivate a gender-equal society. 

Women’s+ rights and women’s+ status in society still vary greatly across Europe. In Eastern Europe, communism has left a legacy of women inclusion in the labor market but has not tackled sexualitity, domestic abuse and shared household responsibilities, whilst in Western Europe, there is a progress in e.g. legislation but a struggle around glass ceiling and wage gap. Bringing participants from different national backgrounds together will enrich your interpersonal experience.

This program is organized in partnership with Phiren Amenca, the international network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers and voluntary service organizations. It welcomes young Europeans aged 18 to 30 of all genders.

What do you need to do? 

The first part of the seminar will be online. Save the following dates for the four online session:

  • 18.04.2022 – 18:00
  • 20.04.2022 – 18:00
  • 25.04.2022 – 18:00
  • 27.04.2022 – 18:00

From 01.05.2022 – 03.05.2022 join us in Budapest (Hungary) for the second part of the seminar!

Feel free to reach out to our Program Manager Avital Grinberg ([email protected]) for further information. Application closes on April 12, 2022.

Apply here: Registration link Participation fee: 50 euros (accommodation and meals included). Further we are refunding 50 euros for travels.