Phiren Amenca

EU Roma Week 2022 – Roma Youth Dialogue

Brussels, May 15-18, 2022 (including travel dates)

During the EU Roma Week (16-19 May, 2022) in the European Parliament various activities/conferences take place that are hosted by Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and civil society organizations.

Phiren Amenca, as part of the EU ROMA WEEK, organizes a 2 day-meeting for young Roma advocates in order to strengthen the dialogue between young Roma and different institutions that shape EU policies. The participants will have the opportunity to attend the “Contemporary Young Roma Heroes” event in the European Parliament organized by Phiren Amenca, to meet several youth organizations, MEPs, and other representatives of the EU.

The objectives of the “Contemporary Young Roma Heroes” seminar are to:
Identify how young Roma experience antigypsyism and discrimination outside and inside Roma communities
Showcase the positive stories of a few young Roma across Europe on how they combat antigypsyism with their work and campaigns
Provide a space for exchange of opinion on who the contemporary Roma Heroes are and inspiration to the greater audience of European young Roma.

1. come from one of the EU member countries, or hold an EU residence permit.
2. are between 18-30 years old

This event is free of charge. The organizers cover accommodation, travel, meals, entry fees.
The organizers do not cover any costs related to Covid-19 tests.

Apply until May 1, 2022 (midnight) by filling out the Application form
Questions? Contact us: [email protected]

The identity/passport information collected by this form is needed in order to arrange smoothly your travels and entry to the European Parliament and it will not be used for any other purposes.