Phiren Amenca

For me it is an opportunity to learn from people with other cultures and traditions – Milena

My name is Milena García and I’m from Spain. 

I graduated in Social Work and I did a Master in design, implementation and evaluation of International Cooperation projects. Furthermore I am actually studying a degree in Psychology  university. I also had the opportunity to study a course about Social Development in Utrecht Hoogeschool in The Netherlands and to do part of my undergraduate internship in India cooperating with local NGOs working with children and teenagers. 

Throughout my life I have been involved, first as a volunteer and then as an employee, in working with people with fewer opportunities and at risk of social exclusion, and above all focusing on children, teenagers and their families. 

I enjoy working in multicultural environments and having the opportunity to learn from the interaction with others. For me it is an opportunity to learn from people with other cultures and traditions, as well as, other perspectives on ways of living and facing the world. 

In November 2021 and until August 2022, I joined Fundación Marijn as “My Story Of Resistance Project” volunteer. 

I decided to volunteer in order to continue training and learning about new cultures and ways of working. And more specifically I was interested in Nicaragua beacuse of its history of struggle and vindication by the indigenous population to assert their history, customs, values and rights. 

I hope in these nine months to learn a lot from all the people I meet. I also hope to contribute to the organization from my professional training, my work experience and my personal experience. And as a last goal I hope I will have the opportunity to share and expand the stories of resistance of the local people with whom I have the good fortune to share some time during my stay here. 

Milena is a Phiren Amenca volunteer in Nicaragua, hosted by Fundacion Marijn and sent by FAGiC, within the Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity building for Youth project “My Story of Resistance- from exclusion to active participation”.