Phiren Amenca

“…it might be interesting and necessary for our communities to embrace their similarities and fight hand-in-hand.”-Binu

I am Binu Bill Bright from India, and I am 27 years old; a passionate artist who loves to play drums, sketches and paints as well when the inspiration strikes. Over the past 5 years, I’ve cultivated my skills in various aspects with experiences ranging from the corporate to the social development sector. After my studies I worked with a Multi-National Company (MNC). In the corporate I was designated as an AR- Associate at Omega Health Care Medical Billing Company, Bangalore India. There, I personally managed to maintain medical records, team projects, and made sure everything went smoothly in terms of business goals, deadlines, budget, and more. After few years of experience, I wanted to be part of some work in my area of interest and that is when I got the opportunity to work with SCMI.

I worked as a Programme Secretary of Karnataka Region at the Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI), Bangalore. I started my journey with SCMI in the year 2013 when I was a student member and a student representative of SCMI during my college days, I know myself as a very shy, silent, reserved and less spoken guy until I had an opportunity to attend various programmes which was quite interesting, and which helped me overcome all the fears within me. It also helped me personally to see things in a broader perspective. The learning begun again when I took over the responsibilities. Where I had various levels of exposure like working to sensitize students about their responsibilities towards society and involve them in social activism and transformation. Working hand-in-hand we raised awareness and educate the student community with current social realities and involve them in social activism. Various programmes which I organized to understand the need for society and do more for the student community and the people around me. These programmes helped me personally in Critical thinking, study the issues better and through these learnings I became a better person, it inspired me to see the world differently. While meeting various like-minded organizations, live-in experiences, and interaction with various people, I have learnt a lot personally on how to fight together for social justice. With this combined approach, I’ve been able to travel in different areas of activities for a wider impact in my social life.

I have knowledge in Business Studies, with a degree from Bangalore University. What really got me into the social field are the programmes when I attended during my college days at SCMI which was an eye opener for me to see different realities. SCMI molded me and played a vital role in my life on how I must be a responsible citizen.

Throughout my career, I have noticed that I’ve always been good with handling situations and learning with full capacities. Moving forward, the new chapter of my life, I am selected to Volunteer with Phiren Amenca in Budapest, Hungary. I am here to learn about the Roma community and share stories from India. This exposure being in Europe and working with Roma community might help me to be aware and lift my international experience to work back in India where we have wider division and discrimination based on caste and community on Dalits/ Tribals & Adivasis. Roma and Dalit l Tribal & Adivasi people are still persecuted, even with the development of our societies and the international legal instruments preventing discrimination, racism, and intolerance. Thus, it might be interesting and necessary for both communities to embrace their similarities and fight hand-in-hand. This could lead to the impulsion of an international recognition of the suffering of both Dalit l Tribal & Adivasi and Roma at the same time. I hope to expand my experience in learning about different cultures and traditions and particularly to participate in the life struggles of the people around, also to engage myself in every possible social action throughout my life wherever I am. I tend to be an active team player as I’ve never missed learning new lessons. I’m also proud of my ability to persevere and overcome any challenges I come across. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time in Music & Painting. Not only does this keeps me rooted in my passion, but it also energizes and ensures that I do my best when I’m at work.

Binu is a Phiren Amenca volunteer in Hungary, hosted by RGDTS/Phiren Amenca and sent by the Student Christian Movement of India, within the Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity building for Youth project “My Story of Resistance- from exclusion to active participation”.