Phiren Amenca

MySoR – My Story of Resistance: From exclusion to active participation


Access of minority young people to participation in democratic life is limited not only in Europe but globally. The project MySoR – My Story of Resistance: From exclusion to active participation intends to create relationships and dialogue among a diverse groups of marginalized youth and youth organisations (Dalit and tribal minority youth in India; indigenous youth in Nicaragua, Roma and Gitan@s in Hungary and Spain, and young migrant people in Italy), share and compare practices of empowering disadvantaged youth for active participation and use the tools of storytelling to allow these young people and youth workers to develop a positive self-identity by transforming their hardships into stories of resistance, and to share these stories with their respective communities as well as with a global audience. Sharing their stories and drawing a positive picture of themselves will not only enhance their skills and encourage them to stand up for their interests but will give them the opportunity to reach out to audiences who have the power to initiate changes as well.

The project involves 5 partner organisations in Hungary, Italy, Spain, India and Nicaragua to addresses this topic. Throughout the period of two years 9 volunteers will have the chance to gain and share experiences and tools outside of their countries, in local communities during the 9 months of their service.

Besides the specific activities related to the MYSoR project, they will take part in the daily activities of their hosting organisations, develop intercultural skills, and build close connections with local people. The project offers volunteers and youth workers a specific path in the field of international mobilities and cooperation, intercultural understanding and solidarity.

Specifically, the volunteers will get to understand the histories and the struggles of minority communities and minority young people, discover their conscious or unconscious tools and methods of „resistance” and empowerment; and will exchange and learn ways of expressing these inspiring stories through different storytelling methods during focused local youth meetings.

25 young people from the five participating organisations and countries will take part in a youth exchange in Spain to share and practice creative methods of storytelling brought from their community practices and from the toolkits of their organisations. After the youth exchange they will bring these new ideas to their homes and practice them with their peers. The results of the stories of resistance will be recorded and shared with the wider audience in the form of an online campaign.

All the project results will be shared and disseminated between partner organisations, other interested organisations, networks, national agencies, stakeholders, institutions.

The volunteers, youth workers, exchange participants, local people and their organisations will take part in a project that will empower them as active citizens and active agents of the lives of their communities.

The project will spread European values and opportunities at an international level and will foster international cooperation and solidarity.

MySoR is and Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity building for youth project, co-financed by the European Union, and it is running between 2021 and 2023.