Phiren Amenca

Phiren Amenca became the 1st Roma network member of the European Youth Forum

22 November 2020.

Phiren Amenca became a Candidate Member of the European Youth Forum. A Resolution on Antigypsyism and on Roma Youth Participation was adopted.

The European Youth Forum approved the candidacy of the Phiren Amenca International Network at its online General Assembly today and awarded the organization the status of ‘candidate member’.
105 national youth councils and international youth organizations are members/candidates or observers at the European Youth Forum up to date, with Phiren Amenca becoming the first ever Roma international organization among them. This is an important step forward in the work of the European Youth Forum in terms of the full inclusion of Roma youth in mainstream processes and

In addition, with the major support of the European Union of Jewish Students – EUJS and of the Youth of European Nationalities – YEN was adopted a “Resolution on Combating Antigypsyism and the Inclusion and Equal Participation of Roma Youth”. The resolution is an internal document that expresses the will of the European Youth Forum Membership to pursue a policy of full participation
of European young Roma in national councils and other international organizations, as well as to fight antigypsyism, recognizing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA definition of ‘antigypsyism’ adopted earlier in October 2020.

Today marks the end of a long process that began in the summer of 2019. The Phiren Amenca team would like to thank all its partners, the board of directors, member organizations, YFJ-members who supported us today, and the team of the European Youth Forum for making this small victory possible!

Together we can do more!