Phiren Amenca

So keres Europa?! – Roma Youth Social Forum 2019

Together with our partners – lead by RGDTS (HUN), Jaw Dikh (PL), Association of Young Roma (SK), Minority Voice (SRB) – we will bring 150 young Roma and non-Roma together to the European Youth Capital in Novi Sad, between July 16-22. 2019. The project is co-funded by the Visegrad Fund:  

The Roma Youth Social Forum takes the European Youth Capital as an opportunity to destroy negative images about Roma in Europe and to bring international attention to the raising antigypsyism. It will promote the importance of the recognition of challenging antigypsyism by education and by activities and initiatives lead by young people. The elements of the Social Youth Forum event are: working in different working groups, the concept and methodology of the 48 hours actions and the big public festival. In 2019 we are planning to involve our partner organisations to run working groups based on their developed methodologies on topics such as Romani Resistance, Gender and intersectionality or pop culture. The groups will organise their actions around these topics during their 48 hours actions, which will be the core elements of the whole week.

About the project partners:

Association of Young Roma (AYR) in Slovakia is a civil association with a nationwide reach and years of experience in social work, social counseling and prevention, humanitarian, charitable and educational activities. The principal goal of AYR is to unify intellectual potential of Roma young generation and directly help with social and work inclusion in society. The philosophy is based on systematic and long-term influence on Roma population through various projects and programmes. The organization have cooperated with RGDTS on multiple intarnational education and volunteering projects, including social forum So Keres Europa 2015 in Romania, as well as So Keres Varna 2017 in Bulgaria. More about the organization:

From its very beginning, the organization Glas Manjine – Minority Voice has dealt with capacity building of young Roma, their empowerment and offered support through non-formal education, with the aim of their easier and faster integration into the community. One of their goals is also the emancipation of young Roma to taking the leading role in their surrounding and being active in order to contribute to overall improvement of the position of Roma people in the society. Through their activities, projects and programs, they plan to continue with capacity building of young Roma to become our future leaders. For their activites, check the Facebook page:

Art Foundation Jaw Dikh: Every year, in Czarna Góra, on the border between Podhale and Spisz, Jaw Dikh is organizing outdoor workshops and art workshops, as they want to establish wider cooperation with Roma artists and activists from different countries, to create opportunities for exchanging experiences, and to build an international community of Roma and non-Roma artists associated with Roma culture. More about the organization: