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SURVEY for young Roma


We invite you to fill in our questionnaire which is addressing Roma young individuals (up to 35 years old) who are residents of European Union Member States to better understand their needs, challenges and opportunities.

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The questionnaire is part of a European wide research related to the situation of young Roma in Europe.

This research entitled “Roma youth participation in Europe: Challenges, needs and opportunities” is run by RGDTS-Phiren Amenca and ternYpe as part of the Roma Youth Voices Project. 

The aim of the research is to better understand the impact of antigypsyism on Roma youth participation (volunteering, politics, civil society work); concerns and needs faced by young Roma people; to understand what the opportunities for participation for young Roma are; to explore their preferences when it comes to civic and political participation; and to look into the real and perceived obstacles specific to Roma youth as well as their needs for effective participation.

The research is based on an online questionnaire for young Roma, for NGOs and on focus group interviews. Several focus groups targeting young Roma are conducted in partner countries of the networks from EU member states with the aim to describe the antigypsyism Roma youth face and to test whether antigypsyism fosters activism. It also aims to identify how Roma youth perceive the effectiveness of NGOs’ outreach mechanisms and youth work. These focus group discussions can also lead to understanding how self-mobilization works and what can some of the best practices/ approaches be to Roma youth participation.

Moreover, we expect that the research will:

  • Identify the opportunities and efforts NGOs have created for Roma youth participation;
  • Estimate NGOs’ impact, capacity and outreach;
  • Identify the structures where youth can be active, volunteer and benefit;
  • Identify the factors that would enhance the participation of Roma youth organizations in policy-making;
  • Identify whether NGOs can cover/provide youth related services and can accommodate youth preferences;
  • Identify the potential partnerships within the European, national and local structures and decisions on Roma in general and/or youth in particular;
  • Reflect on the influence Roma youth have on NGOs’ structures and policies; 
  • Have the potential of creating a database of NGOs working on Roma youth – including their profile, focus, contact information and geographical coverage.

The first draft of the research will be shared during the EU Roma Week in the European Parliament between March 23-26. 2020 and final research will be published by September 2020.

The research is led by a professional research team together with ternYpe International Roma Youth Network and Phiren Amenca. The networks through their work are creating space for young Roma people to become active citizens through empowerment, mobilisation, self-organisation and participation.

The two networks are collaborating on a 2-years project called Roma Youth Voices, which project offers capacity-building for Roma youth organizations on local and national level, aim to develop advocacy and leadership skills of young Roma leaders. Moreover, its aim is to raise the voice for mobilization and participation of Roma youth in policy-processes through national Roma youth platforms, as well as to Strengthen the role of young people and youth organizations in the context of the National Roma Integration Strategies. This project is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).