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They teach me to appreciate life even more – Titanilla

My name is Titanilla Bors. I am 24 years old. I started volunteering at the Asilo Dei Vecchi in San Germano Chisone on October 1, 2023. This is a boarding home for the elderly, and I have to help organize the programs and provide lunch.

I’ve been to Italy twice already, and I really liked the kindness of the people, their mentality, the beautiful landscapes, beaches, and mountains. I wanted to move here for a longer period of time and experience life here better. I would have liked to try what it’s like to volunteer and selflessly help others. I get a lot of love from the workers and elderly people here and it’s a very good opportunity to learn a new language. I hope to be able to learn Italian and make lifelong memories.

In the past two months, I participated in many programs with the elderly people, such as music therapy, art therapy, reading newspapers together, watching documentaries and I give them manicures twice a week. I talk to the elderly every day, they tell me a lot about their lives, show old photos, teach me to appreciate life even more.

Titanilla is a European Solidarity Corps volunteer in San Germano Chisone, Italy