Phiren Amenca

“…working with people of different cultural differences brings a lot of personal connection and it ensures that we are a part of their struggle.”- Jeba

I am Jeba also known as JeJe. I feel blessed to be a person with cheery personality who is determined to do things very creatively and I like to be unique in my works. I believe in being myself and that makes me stand different. I am very passionate about working among the Children, catering to their various needs, and using my skills in encouraging young minds to be better citizens of the country. Being a Sunday school teacher since 2015 involved myself in conducting and organizing camps for Children at various occasions and have been part of different children organization.

I have obtained my Diploma for Proficiency in Counselling from the United Theological College, Bangalore. I chose this course to help the individuals to identify their goals, which eventually enable them to achieve optimum level of personal happiness and also assure social usefulness, and I have also completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore which has enabled me to be a better public relator with excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills and have obtained my Master of Commerce (Post-graduate studies) from Bishop Cottons Women’s Christian College, Bangalore which gave me confidence to maintain my accounts and be good at managing funds at a larger scale.

I am an active student member of the Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI)  since 2015, before joining SCMI I was a shy and timid in nature and was lacking confidence and had less idea about my society but SCMI shaped me into a better person who can give voice for the voiceless and gave me the spirit of Unity and as the SCMI motto says “That all may be one” it gave me the spirit of oneness and moulded me into a better citizen.

I always had a passion to work with young people outside my country which would be more of a learning and gaining knowledge and idea about various countries and through SCMI I got an opportunity to volunteer with Diaconia Valdese in Italy, which is a wonderful opportunity which I could get in my lifetime. I always feel that working with people of different cultural differences brings a lot of personal connection with the striving community and it ensures that we are a part of their struggle. MySor will be a platform where I can strive my best to resist and be the voice for others.

I enjoy making simple artistic works like glass paintings, writing poems, cooking, travelling and a person who loves food and would like to explore varieties of cuisines matching my taste buds. My Strength is to co-ordinate and build good Inter-Personal skills with my peers and achieve anything and everything with a positive approach and with a cheerful smile always, I always tend to balance my time and my weakness is that I tend to get tensed when things are taking more than its required time frame and very much sensitive to certain things which I overcome with a positive approach and smile.

Jeba is a Phiren Amenca volunteer in Italy, hosted by CSD Diaconia Valdese and sent by the Student Christian Movement of India, within the Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity building for Youth project “My Story of Resistance- from exclusion to active participation”.