Phiren Amenca

Updates of the Phiren Amenca team

The Phiren Amenca coordination office has grown in the past year, and we are very happy to host our first generation of EVS volunteers directly in the coordination office in Budapest. After her 10-months lasting service with us, we had to say goodbye to Clemence Neyrat in the beginning of September. Clemence was very engaged in our non-formal educational youth work in Hungary, and on international level, she engaged in the organization of many seminars and trainings, promoted EVS and voluntary service, and particularly engaged for the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative. We want to share our highest appreciation and thanks for her engagement and the wonderful time with us, and we wish her success with her next challenge to finish a master degree in the university of Strasbourg. Our volunteers Alexandra Bahor and Melinda Szabo still continue their service until November 2014 and March 2015. In September 2014, we were happy to welcome as EVS volunteer Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez from Spain and Kristell Caballero Saucedo (USA), who volunteers part-time in Phiren Amenca through the ELCA YAGM program.

On the picture: Jonathan Mack, Vicente Rodriguez, Melinda Szabo, Clemence Neyrat, Sára Szilágyi, Alexandra Bahor, Marietta Herfort; Missing in the picture: Richard Otterness, Kristell Caballero Saucedo