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FIATAL ROMÁK KONFERENCIÁJA PÉCS, 2020. szeptember 18. (péntek)

FELHÍVÁS Várjuk jelentkezésed roma fiataloknak szóló konferenciánkra, amelynek célja, hogy közös stratégiákat építsünk a cigányellenesség és a cigányellenes retorika leküzdése érdekében, illetve, hogy hosszútávú párbeszédet teremtsünk és építsünk roma fiatalok és döntéshozók között. A program szervezői fontosnak tartják, hogy legyen

September 15, 2020

“An opportunity to to engage with Roma Rights on a European level”

My name is Lolo; I come from the county of Shropshire in the UK, living in a small village in a rural area of the West Midlands.  I am currently undergoing an eight month placement with Phiren Amenca via the

September 11, 2020

Joint statement on the occasion of 2 August 2020

Joint statement on the occasion of 2 August 2020 – International Holocaust Memorial Day for Sinti and Roma #RomaRemember: Joint International Campaign for Roma and Sinti Holocaust Remembrance 2020 On 2 August 1944, over 4,300 Sinti and Roma were murdered

August 2, 2020

Commissioner Helena Dalli towards Roma Youth: Keep active and to lead the way!

“My advice to you is to keep active and lead the way. Your activism is very important for us, and we want you to be on board, we want you to be around the table when we are drafting our

July 27, 2020

Roma Youth: Challenges and Perspectives LIVE Talk

95 % of the respondents have observed and encountered discriminatory words, behaviours and gestures directed at Roma, while 68 % have encountered racism while attending schools/university. Only 34 % of the Roma Youth have benefited from Erasmus Plus while merely

July 17, 2020

Fiatal Romák Konferenciája ‘Terno Glaso – Roma Fiatalok Hangja’

A Phiren Amenca Nemzetközi Hálózat – RGDTS, Rézműves Benjámin és Balogh Lajos (Paci) közreműködésével első alkalommal rendezte meg a Terno Glaso – Roma Fiatalok Hangja projekt keretében a Fiatal Romák Konferenciáját 2020. június 27-én a Rácz Gyöngyi Közösségi Központban. A

July 2, 2020

Act for Roma Lives!

Join us in standing in solidarity with Roma in times of crisis! Jewish Rights are Roma Rights and Roma Rights are Jewish Rights! CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW: In a joint call, initiated by the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) and Phiren

June 9, 2020

We invite you to the opening event of our Roma & Politics talk series!Join the online live conversation with Ismael Cortés, Member of the Spanish Parliament to gain a better insight to the work of a Roma Congressman and to

May 26, 2020

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION – Voices of Resistance Online Campaign

SHARE YOUR STORY WITH A PHOTO! We want to know your resistance story! 

May 4, 2020

Statement of the Phiren Amenca International Network on May 16, 2020 Romani Resistance Day

Romani Resistance Day as a symbol and movement was initiated by the French Roma civil society organisation La Voix Des Rroms.  It has been built on the accounts of both Roma and non-Roma witnesses testifying the events of May 16,

April 29, 2020