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Volunteer Profile: Gosia Drewa

Hi, I’m Gosia Drewa from Poland, and I’m doing my voluntary service in Kosovo. I’ve been working here since September 2011 and I have to admit that I went to Kosovo a bit by accident. When I was looking for a voluntary project, I knew one thing: I want to go to Balkans or to […]

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Volunteer Profile: Merdjan Jakupov

My name is Merdjan Jakupov. I come from Macedonia and I’m 24 years old, and I was doing my voluntary service last year from January – December 2011 in Amaro Drom e.V. Berlin. I come from the north-east of Macedonia, a small town called Kratovo. In my home town I was a member of the […]

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Volunteer Profile: Georgi Ivanov

2012 is for me the year of new Experience, new Views and new Starts Until June 2011, I studied Social Pedagogy in Bulgaria. As social work varies greatly from country to country, I decided to raise my understanding of how colleagues in other countries cope with their work. I have chosen Germany for my voluntary service because I already speak the […]

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Volunteer Profile: Bekki Schön

Salut, szia and servus 🙂 I am a German volunteer here in Romania, too. I am working together with Caro, Aninka and Eva in an after school program for socially disadvantaged children. Each morning we are travelling from the wonderful city Cluj-Napoca to our working place, Mera, a little village near by. It is amazing […]

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Volunteer Profile: Caro Barth

Since September I’ve been volunteering in the village Mera, near Cluj-Napoca in Romania. When I came here I had different expectations concerning my project, the new city, the new country and the people living here. I knew that there are many Hungarian people, and in some regions of Transylvania, German Saxons as well. But how […]

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Volunteer Profile: Rachel Daley

When I recently returned to placement after the Phiren Amenca seminar, everyone wanted an explanation for my week-long absence. I tried to answer that I had attended a seminar for volunteers working on different Roma projects around Europe, that we learned and reflected on our experiences and motivations. One person asked me pointblank, “Everyone from […]

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