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throw the dice and play the game…

Volunteer Profile | Melinda Szabó Hi everybody! My name is Melinda Szabó. I am 28, from Romania from a Hungarian family. I graduated with a major in psychology in 2008 in Timişoara, and have been doing a bit of work in the social field.  Now I choose the challenge of EVS in Budapest for 1 year. […]

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The Real Pearl Foundation

by Phiren Amenca volunteer Clémence Neyrat  From the 16th  to  the 18th of December we went to  the town of  Berettyóújfalu, located in Eastern Hungary and one of the thirty-three most disadvantaged settlements of the country. We spent a few days at the Art school belonging to the Real Pearl Foundation created and lead by Nóra […]

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Volunteer Profile: Igbal Aliova

Many people ask me why I chose EVS. Having higher education and knowledge of different field areas, having some work experience already – why work voluntarily?! When you have a lot of knowledge and experience – why not share it with other people who have the desire to learn?!  A lot of people are not […]

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My EVS in Beregszász

Volunteer Profile | Annika Hi, I am Annika and I’m 25 years old. I’m coming from the Netherlands and at the moment I am a volunteer in Ukraine. In the Netherlands I did a Masters degree in Child and Education Studies and a Bachelor in African Languages and Cultures. After that I worked a year as […]

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Volunteer Profile: Andrea Annamária Duka

Hi, my name is Andrea Annamária Duka.  I am from Budapest, Hungary. In my life, volunteering is really important.  I started to volunteer 15 years ago. In early years I was involved in projects and organizations related to children’s rights. I am still in contact with some of these including the Hungarian Antipoverty Network and […]

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Volunteer Profile: Deniz Ismaili

Namaste, My name is Deniz Ismaili from Macedonia. I am 25 years old and hold a Bachelor of Public Administration from South East European University in my lovely home town of Tetovo. EVS was one of the best moments to happen in my entire life because I made the right decision to apply in this […]

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Volunteer Profile: Denisa Samkova

Bonjour, I am Denisa and I come from Slovakia. I am 23 years old and since October 2013 I am doing service civique in the little town of Buhl, Alsace region, in beautiful France until June 2014. It is not the same program as EVS, but they have a lot in common. Why did I […]

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Volunteer Profile: Sydney MacNaughton

My name is Sydney MacNaughton, and I was an American volunteer working in Uzhgorod, Ukraine for three months. I was partnered with the TOUCH Project, which provides humanitarian aid and individual child sponsorship to several nonprofit organizations in Uzhgorod. The organization is based on a sister-city relationship between Corvallis, Oregon and Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Although an […]

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at the beginning of a new life adventure…

Volunteer Profile | Clémence Neyrat My name is Clémence, I’m 22, I come from France and I’m doing a masters in European studies in Strasbourg and now I plan to stay one year in Hungary as a EVS volunteer for Phiren Amenca. I am interested in a lot of things such as cultural activities (theatre in […]

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To make a change, you need to act!

Volunteer Profile | Alexandra Bahor Hello!  My name is Alexandra Anamaria Bahor, I come from the small town Braila, in Romania. I am 26 years old and I am a Roma girl. For the most part I live my life by my rules and wishes, I am free to choose, decide and act. People around […]

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